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Our Mission

At Provost Collective, we have redefined luxury automobile storage by exceeding your expectations of what it means to be served and socialized.
We are a network of visionaries and achievers founded on fellowship and freedom. Excellence is delivered as we engineer an unforgettable experience to
the legacy of your unique car collection.

Luxury Automobile

The Storage Membership at Provost Collective provides an upscale, secure location for your vehicle to call home. Our multi-level lifts include over 100 storage spaces within a climate-controlled environment, fully equipped with full-time battery tending, and 24/7 security monitoring.
At Provost Collective, we value elevated vehicle management. Allow us to provide you with confidence in the care that your vehicle receives daily, so you can have freedom to enjoy the ride. 

Exclusive Social Club

In designing The Social Club at Provost Collective, we created a space where our members could connect, relax, and recharge. The upper-level club offers breathtaking views of the vehicles below.
Whether you're sipping on a premium cocktail, enjoying a handcrafted cigar in our enclosed lounge, or in need of a private space to conduct business, the
Social Club is the place to be
served and socialized. 

At Your Service  

Car Collection Management

Each membership includes premium collection management, that will provide a full-suite of services ensuring your vehicle remains in prime condition, ready for the journey ahead. Benefits include regularly scheduled premium details, preventative maintenance, PPF, routine vehicle exercise and more. 

How Can We Help?

Our team of concierge professionals are ready to provide resources and support to ensure that you are served in and out of Provost Collective. Executive Assistant services are completely customized to meet your specific needs.

Beyond our Storage and Social Club Membership offerings, our highly-professional and licensed team can assist with vehicle sales and purchases. 

Vehicle Consignment


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